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Notes from instructors

Daniel & Kara Hidalgo, art instructors for the Artist Retreat in YellowstoneWelcome to An Artist Retreat in Yellowstone. We are very excited to offer such a unique artistic experience.

This five day artist retreat will focus on plein air painting in Yellowstone National Park. Each day will begin with a short field trip into the park, were you can explore, experience and create some beautiful landscape paintings. There will also be classroom time to practice new skills before you use them out in the field, and to discuss and critique works.

We are a married couple who co-facilitate visual art workshops. We will guide you through artistic principles, introduce new techniques, and provide direction on strengthening old skills. During these workshop sessions, you will have the opportunity to explore different artistic mediums, if you wish. Each evening, you will be given the chance to share your day’s work with other like-minded participants who share a passion for nature, art, and creative exploration.

Everyone is welcome, from the true beginner to seasoned artists. This is an opportunity to strengthen your artistic approach, by developing a deeper understanding of your natural world through direct observation and lecture. Kara will lead the beginners with basic technique and set up for successful outings. Daniel will lead the intermediate and advanced artists in discussions of creative process and mini activities to hone or revisit useful skills.

This escape into the serene environment of Yellowstone National Park encourages you to be inspired by the geology, botany, and wildlife of this wonderful location. Artists have always had the ability to elicit emotion and connection to the natural world through their works.  We hope you will find your connection with nature while in some of the worlds’ best nature.

Bring your medium of choice. Caution: All art supplies must be no-toxic.

Looking forward to a great retreat!

Daniel & Kara Hidalgo