, (208) 932-0893,  2355 South Yellowstone Highway, Saint Anthony, Idaho

Packing & Planning

This page is to help you prepare for this retreat.  If you forget something, you will be able to find all of the equipment & clothing you need in the town of West Yellowstone where you will be lodging.

General Clothing & Equipment

Most of your day will be spent outside.  If we encounter rain or snow we will be painting from the bus.  Please be ready for anything.  This from the Yellowstone website at "Yellowstone's weather can vary quite a bit, even in a single day. In the summer, daytime highs can exceed 70F (25C), only to drop 20 or more degrees when a thunderstorm rolls through. It can snow during any month of the year, especially at night. Bring a range of clothing options, including a warm jacket and rain gear, even in the summer." Be prepared to paint for 3 - 4 hours with little movement and expect quick changes in the weather.

  • Layered clothing for wind, sun and temperature changes
    • Warm jacket
      - Wool, down or heavy-weight fleece jacket, loose fitting clothing allows your body to regulate temperatures better
    • Light jacket / sweater
      - light and loose fitting, midweight fleece or wool sweater or shirt
    • Insulated underwear / thermals
      - capilene, polypropylene or wicking fabric for the cool mornings
    • Rain gear (jacket & pants)
      - waterproof and windproof outer layer, lightweight and breathable
    • Short sleeved shirts
      - cotton okay but synthetic wicking shirts are best
    • Pants
      - synthetic, moisture-wicking hiking pants are best, lightweight plie or fleece or tights.
    • Hats
      - brimmed for sunny days and insulating for cold days
    • Gloves
      - lightweight for cool days and wool or fleece for cold days
    • Socks
      - layer light wool or synthetic liner sock with heavier wool or synthetic outer sock on cold days
  • Hiking boots (we may hike up to 1/4 mile, uphill & down hill, and you may wish to take the hiking trail across from the lodge)
  • Tennis shoes & sandals for around West Yellowstone
  • Daypack (for extra clothing, water, lunch, camera, binoculars, etc.)
  • Water bottle (refillable, 1 quart minimum, camelbacks or bottle with shoulder straps work great)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen / SPF lip balm (we will be at high altitudes)
  • Camera (SD cards, batteries & chargers)
  • Binoculars
  • Notebook, pencil
  • Alarm clock (we leave early for Yellowstone each day)

Art Supplies

Please see the Art Supplies page.  If you are flying, we are happy to work with you to take an order of the art supplies you need and bring them with us.  The Idaho Art Lab has a full line of fine art supplies.