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Pegram Truss RR Bridge

August 18, 2017:

Mary joined me painting across the highway at the Pegram Truss Railroad Bridge early in the morning.  We both love Idaho's bright greens and clear waters, especially in the mornings.  Yeah, the light changes rapidly but the color remains until about noon.  It's important to get the sketch book out when you see the light just right, make a quick sketch of your shadows and highlight areas, note unique colors that are popping.  Kara spent the first 30+ minutes on thumbnails then did a detailed under painting while Mary, who is more experienced, just went for it.  Check out how well Mary captured the angles and perspective of the bridge!  Mary has painted for years in Indiana and was surprised how pleasant it is to paint in Idaho.  She was expecting ticks and mosquitoes and so happy not to have to deal with high humidity.  I think we've got her hooked on joining us each week.  Now that we have the bus going, we can paint from the warm bus this winter.  Mary will be joining us next week at the field trip to paint the crowd at the St. Anthony Summerfest street fest.  Will you?  Get dates and times for our free weekly field trips at - Kara Hidalgo