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Instructor Critiques


Our instructors are surrounded by new paintings every day at the Idaho Art Lab and the Yellowstone Teton Gallery. We are artist who live and paint here and have seen many ways to solve the problems this landscape can challenge an artist with.  Although class instruction will not be given while painting in Yellowstone (this is your time to paint), the instructors will offer critiques and feedback while getting started.  Getting feedback at the critical, early stage of the thumbnail sketch and underdrawing may save you many precious minutes (or hours) later when you are trying to fix a problem while painting.  We hope you will ask for, accept and embrace this feedback at all steps of the painting process. 


The instructors will concentrate on critiquing form and content. Form is the elements and principles of design, the medium and techniques used to create the painting. Content is the essence, or the feeling of the painting, what the artist is trying to convey.