, (208) 932-0893,  2355 South Yellowstone Highway, Saint Anthony, Idaho

Daniel & Kara Hidalgo

Daniel & Kara Hidalgo will be, once again, instructing the artist retreat in Yellowstone Park.  The Hidalgos founded the not-for-profit Idaho Art Lab in 2010 and have been instructing workshops at the Lab since its inception.  The Lab is the largest visual art center in Idaho with workshops and rent-by-the-hour art equipment in 16 art mediums.  They also host artist residencies and run the Yellowstone Teton Gallery of Art out of the facility.  The couple lives in Teton, Idaho about an hour from West Yellowstone.

Daniel  has been finding the inspiration for his artwork in the quiet stillness of Yellowstone's wondrous landscapes for many years.  Daniel is the Director of Education at Idaho Art Lab, where he teaches painting, drawing, sculpture and pottery.  He also creates hand-carved block images printed on paper made from bison dung, along with his business partner at Dung & Dunger Paper Arts Studio.  He has been a guest artist of the Yellowstone General Stores for over a decade.
Kara is the Executive Director of the Idaho Art Lab, where she assists Daniel with painting workshops.  She also teaches film & digital photography and computer arts & design.  Kara organizes and, along with Daniel, leads weekly plein air field trips around Fremont County, Idaho.  Her specialties in painting and photography include landscapes with water features.