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Teton Hwy. & E. 400 N.

May 18, 2017:


The 3rd turn on the way to the Idaho Art Lab. Teton Hwy. & 400 N.


This location was selected because of an observation that our drive to work is filled with wonderful locations. The 3rd turn on the way to the Idaho Art Lab overlooks an irrigation ditch crisscrossed with walking bridges. The perspective lines of the ditch banks and nearby Teton Hwy creates a great opportunity to show depth. Kara was working on an 8x10 watercolor and I was working on an 8X10 panel in oil. After an initial setup, Kara realized she was a little too close to traffic, and moved back to a safer space. This is good to note because we do not often set up so close to roadways.  Although it wasn't evident at first the little move changed her perspective lines and her view of the ditch. She continued to paint, but by the time she realized that here new location wasn't the same perspective it was a little too late.  Much like me, in the previous week, taking the opportunity to learn from your mistakes helps you grow as an artist.  I was happy with my painting and feel it has a nice feeling of depth.  Always be safe and aware of your surroundings, if it's not traffic, it could be a cliff's edge, or wild animals. Keep it safe out there.