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Do not fear a critique.  We will do everything in our power to ensure that suggestions for improvements are offered in a kind, educational manner.  There are some basic design components which help strengthen your compositions but it's all subjective and what one thinks is "wrong" may very well be what makes your painting appealing to another.  Critiques during this retreat will focus on content and form.  A constructive critique helps you see your painting with fresh eyes.

Critiques will be provided after each field trip or classroom learning session. The field trips will be your time to focus on painting and apply what you've learned so far. 

Critiques will be aimed at improving your painting & drawing skills.  Respectful and kind critiques always!

  • discuss and analyze how you'll use what you are learning
  • sharing works-in-progress to evaluate elements of design
  • strengths & weaknesses and assessing the essence
  • sharing artwork you've completed for instructor and fellow artist's feedback