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Peer Critiques

Receiving peer critiques

Painting can be very solitary. The critiques that happen during this artist retreat are meant to create camaraderie as much as to improve your artwork.  Whether you are a beginning artist or a successful professional painter, critiques will help you continue to grow and see your paintings with fresh eyes.  By having this feedback time, it gives you an opportunity to see how others perceive your painting.  If you allow yourself this vulnerability, you will gain so much more from the Retreat.

Critiquing others

Critiquing others helps everyone grow as an artist. When we critique other's works, it often helps us with our own painting process. However remember your critique is for their benefit, to help them grow as an artist with a continued passion for painting. Be kind and when we  offer a criticism, offer the solution . And how another finds a solution to a difficult composition, perspective or lighting problem may help us in the future.   Be clear and concise in your critique.  Instead of "I like your mountains", really analyze why you like it.  "Your use of cool greens on those distant mountains really helped push them back visually."  And always treat others as you would like to be treated.