, (208) 932-0893,  2355 South Yellowstone Highway, Saint Anthony, Idaho


The first day will be:

  • Orientation
  • Summary of expectations and plans
  • A step-by-step intro to oil  painting in plein air for beginners
  • Tips for a successful reteat for all
  • Free time to get to know one another and settle in for a good night's sleep

The, the General Daily Itinerary will be:


7:00 - 8:00 am: Breakfast at the lodge, pack a sack lunch

8:00 am: Depart West Yellowstone by bus

~ 9:00 am: Arrive at destination in Yellowstone National Park.  Start painting!

~ 12:00 pm: Stop painting to enjoy a sack lunch in Yellowstone

~ 1:00 pm: Make the return trip to the West Yellowstone Lodge

3:30 pm: Classroom time with an emphasis on plein air oil painting

Option 1:

4:30 pm: Depart West Yellowstone by bus

~ 5:00 pm: Arrive at a nearby Madison area destination in Yellowstone National Park.  Have a snack then start painting!

7:00 pm: Return to the lodge to have dinner then share the day’s work

Option 2:

4:30 pm: Paint West Yellowstone; great touristy, memorable locations in the surrounding blocks

Dinner at your leisure, around the BBQ or kitchen table